Our friendship blossomed when we worked together in a florists a few years ago! We soon realized we shared the same creative vision and quickly joined forces to create “two girls and some flowers” in 2005.

Our business has since  flourished and grown because we are as passionate and inspired now, as we ever have been, as we simply LOVE our job!

The inspiration for our work with flowers stems from an eclectic and diverse range of sources: travel, fine art, fashion, nature, film, interior design and architecture. Or on a more personal note: an old broach, brushing past a scented herb, a delicate china tea-cup or a designer shoe!

We couple our natural vision with this inspiration  and combine elements such as colour, texture, form, scent and drama to create stunning and unique floral pieces for any occasion or celebration.

With our combined knowledge, skill and vast experience we are able to constantly bounce fresh ideas off each other and working closely with you, create personal and unique designs with an emphasis on high quality at all times.

We offer a free consultation service where we will work closely with you and take time to understand fully what you would like to achieve on your special occasion and using our combined creativity bring that vision to life in a personal and original way. We are happy to meet with you at your home or your venue.